Fall colors galore.

Summer has come and gone. It seemed we had a late start this year. Much of the early summer was moist, and the overall summer temperatures were a bit cooler than usual. We had a lot of returning guests and continued our 2nd season of Thursday night Open Grill, and Saturday evening Smore’sgasboard. Addtionally Tuesday nights we offered a campfire and games in the evening (usually giant Jenga or Bag boards).

Overall it was a great summer, but seemed to go by very fast. It’s hard to believe the summer season is over though since we’re still fairly busy ! A week ago the common question was “what are your fall colors like now?”. I remember answering this question and stating that they seemed about 2 weeks behind – that the undergrowth had just started to turn. Just a few short days later I was shocked notice that they had almost blossomed overnight. Now the smell of fall is in the air, and I am reeling in the warmth of the 70F temps we have been experiencing.