Happy Halloween!

Halloween weather can vary so much you’re not quite sure if it’s fall or winter.    I can remember as a child trick or treating. More often than not the costume was covered up by the necessary winter apparel only to be shed and carried along as we raced from house to house.

Gunflint trail Snow

2014 First snow.

We had an inch of snow last night.  Driving home from town it seemed like the Halloween blizzard of 1991 when 31 inches of snow welcomed Bob and I back to the northwoods after a couple years in Seattle.  The snowfall was so dense last night I literally could not see more than a few feet in front of the car.  I stopped at Trail Center to give my eyes a quick rest.  Even the UPS Driver stopped for a short break stating that he drives the trail every day and this was the worst he had seen.  15 minutes later the visibility had lightened up and we were back on the road traveling slowly.

The total accumulation seemed to be between 1-2.5 inches but this is one of the most dangerous times of the year to be driving the trail.  We’re all used to pavement & good road conditions.  The snow may come down frozen, but can ice up quickly when it meets the warm pavement.  Without snowbanks built up on the sides of the road a little spin or sliding can result in some serious damage or worse injury.  So remember – drive cautiously and pull over in a safe spot to let others pass if they’re pushing you.  Better to arrive a couple minutes late, than not at all!