Excellent winter conditions overall!

While the west coast may be fighting excessive rains and flooding, and the East coast is battling big snowfalls, we seem to be just right this year. The more mild temps and great snow have led to excellent ski trail conditions! Bob is out right now grooming the system after the 6+ inches of fresh snow we received in the past 48 hours.

Yesterday the Cook County Ridge Riders held their 6th annual Fun Run. It was great to see so many people! The fresh snowfalls made for excellent riding! Over 125 people participated in the Fun Run which starts at Devils Track Landing, running a course on the trail system and lakes as far north as us on Gunflint. Also participating were Gunflint Lodge, Trail Center Lodge, Windigo Lodge, and Hungry Jack Lodge. Participants get a “stamp” at each lodge, then return to Devils Track Landing to be dealt cards for each stamp. Best poker hand wins a prize. There is also food and door prizes. All in all it’s a great day of riding. ( and yes you can participate by car, driving to each participating resort.) The Fun Run raises money for trail maintenance.

Snowmobilers warm up in Gunflint Pines Resort Lodge

Cook county Ridge Riders warm up by the fire on the 6th annual Fun Run

Snowmobiles outside Gunflint Pines

Fun Run Sleds outside Gunlfint Pines