Warm start!!

2015 Ham Run 002 2015 Ham Run 015This past weekend we hosted the start of the annual Ham Run Half Marathon!  It is interesting to notice the changes from year to hear on the conditions of the lake ice, campground, snow, foliage and temperature.  This year was an amazing difference from last with our 60-70F temps, no snow, leaves beginning to bud, and ice off over half of Gunflint.

The racers were all outside enjoying the sun prior to the race and many even got a touch of sun(burn) during the event and some even commented that they got really hot during the race – what a “polar” opposite from last year when the racers crowded inside the lodge by the fireplace just trying to keep warm before the start.  Last year there was still so much snow on the campground drive (since it’s packed as a ski trail in the winter) that we had to re-route the start of the event to loop around by the cabins.  The lake was still solidly frozen over and didn’t clear off until around May 9th.

I’ve been noticing the Bunnies are brown once again.  Jaret saw a loon on the lake a couple days ago.  Bob has seen 2 Black Bear already along the Gunflint Trail eating the spring grass.  The days are already summer long and sunset doesn’t come until well into the evening now.  The e-mail and phones are really getting busy with summer reservations so now’s the time to pull your plans together.