Snow’s a comin’!!

Fall has been long and spectacular this year.  I admit I have not been doing my usual chores, but trying to work on projects and take some time to enjoy the outdoors.  A great fall hike to High cliffs, some remodeling projects, some much needed yard clean-up.  Of course I’ve also been spending time visiting Jaret at College in St. Cloud, and taking a little time off with Wyatt!

We’ve added a kitten to the mix this past August (Bow Flint Baker).  He’s black with big yellow eyes.  He’s super friendly and has been a big hit with some of the young kids.

We’re also having some work done on the website soon to make it easier for me to update more often.  I always appreciate hearing from you, and know how much you all love to hear what’s going on in the woods – I just find it hard to want to spend more time at the computer – I prefer to talk in person, or by phone!  Lets hope this is a wonderful winter season.  I know last year was – the skiing was stellar for much of the season, and the temps made fishing and snowshoeing fun!

Remember this is you’re place to get away from the  TV, e-mail overload, and constant pinging of your text messages!  (But we still let you check in!!)  Winter is starting to book up so start planning.  We hope to see you in the Northwoods.