Pets Welcome!

Here at the Gunflint Pines we love Pets!  We have an English Springer Spaniel – Shadow and recently added a little black kitty named Bow Flint.  We welcome you to bring your pets and would love to meet them.

Shadow spends much of her day outside or in the entry of the lodge “chasing the light”.  She likes any kind of light or shadow.  She often tricks guests into opening the door for her – not so she can go in or out – but so the light might appear.


Your pets are welcome in the lodge, but must first pass Shadow.  We suggest a controlled meeting as she is afraid of new dogs until introduced so is agressive towards them.  (Fear Aggression).

We know pets are family members for most of you (us too).  They are allowed in all cabins and campsites.  We have a few common sense conditions since they don’t always behave the same as the would at home:

  • You are on vacation with your pet – please don’t leave them here alone.  The often get scared and bark or scratch the doors.
  • Pets should be leashed while on property.
  • Pet waste should be removed from yards, drives and walkways.
  • Pet “accidents” in cabins should be reported so they can be attended to immediately!
  • Pets should not be on furniture or beds unless “Pet Sheets” are requested. (we provide them)
  • Pet fees apply to all reservations, unless otherwise noted.

Sadly Sota, who was with us from 2004 until January 2016 is no longer with us.  Her name was taken from Minnesota.  She had assumed the position of camp greeter, and welcomed both guests and pets alike.  She entertained you by opening the front door herself, and guided many a guest to Lonely Lake, Lookout Point or High Cliffs.  She was well loved by many children and guests alike.


R.I.P. Sota 12-20-2004 to 1-22-2016