Fish, Snow, Rain and Ice

We constantly get calls asking about conditions. What’s the ice like on Gunflint? Is anyone snowmobiling into North Lake? How are the snowmobile trails? What are the ski trails like? Are the fish biting? What type of Fish are biting? What are they biting on?

I enjoy gathering as much information as I can and passing it along to you as I get it. About a year ago, I decided to try posting little facts on some Google Calendar Pages I created and embedded on my blog site. I have a Fishing Report page – on which I also report ice conditions as I hear them, Snowfall Report page, and a Ski Trail Report page. They are all located on a drop down menu under the Blog/news page of the Gunflint Pines Resort webpage. Once you bring up one of the report calendars, you can simply click any of the listings to see if there is more descriptive text to read.

It’s not quite a “fish wrapper” but we’re happy to post anything you may share, so send or call us with your info, regarding Gunflint Trail Lakes, Ice, or Trail conditions.

Summer reservations are coming in like crazy! Bookings are way up compared to this time last year so if you’re thinking you want to join us this summer, best start planning now. Rates have been updated on the website under Cabin rates and camping rates pages. Feel free to call us with questions!


2016 Trout opener, Saturday on Gunflint Lake

Winter within BWCA
Lake Trout 12/31/16 – 3/31/17 2
Winter outside/partly outside BWCA
Lake Trout 1/14/17 – 3/31/17 2
Stream Trout 4/30/16 – 9/30/16 5 with not more than 3 over 16″

Ice Fishing will be in full swing this weekend when the Trout season finally opens for the 2017 winter season.  Reports from the die-hard “Trouties” who ventured into BWCA lakes have found trout on Daniels and South Lakes with good Ice depths, but quite a bit of snow to go with it.  Fishing has been a bit slow as of yet.  The weather looks great for the weekend  – so head north!!

Sunny and cold, with a high near 3. Wind chill values between -30 and -40. Calm wind becoming south around 5 mph in the afternoon.
Friday Night
Mostly cloudy, with a temperature rising to around 2 by 2am. South wind around 5 mph.
Mostly sunny, with a high near 14. West wind around 5 mph.
Saturday Night
Mostly clear, with a low around -4. West wind around 5 mph becoming calm in the evening.
Sunny, with a high near 22.
Sunday Night
Partly cloudy, with a low around 7.
M.L.King Day
Mostly sunny, with a high near 25.

Lots of “News” in the New Year.

The Pines has been going through a lot of changes in the past year. The most current being the change to a website that is more easily managed in house. Please bear with us while we make changes, and activate the availability calendars. If you’ve been a guest with us in the past – feel free to send pictures of the property, activities, fishing, cabins, campsites and general fun times you’ve had here. Were going to try to update is all as quickly as possible. There’s even a possibility of trying to offer online booking?! More updates as we make changes. – Wish us luck! – Shari

Snow’s a comin’!!

Fall has been long and spectacular this year.  I admit I have not been doing my usual chores, but trying to work on projects and take some time to enjoy the outdoors.  A great fall hike to High cliffs, some remodeling projects, some much needed yard clean-up.  Of course I’ve also been spending time visiting Jaret at College in St. Cloud, and taking a little time off with Wyatt!

We’ve added a kitten to the mix this past August (Bow Flint Baker).  He’s black with big yellow eyes.  He’s super friendly and has been a big hit with some of the young kids.

We’re also having some work done on the website soon to make it easier for me to update more often.  I always appreciate hearing from you, and know how much you all love to hear what’s going on in the woods – I just find it hard to want to spend more time at the computer – I prefer to talk in person, or by phone!  Lets hope this is a wonderful winter season.  I know last year was – the skiing was stellar for much of the season, and the temps made fishing and snowshoeing fun!

Remember this is you’re place to get away from the  TV, e-mail overload, and constant pinging of your text messages!  (But we still let you check in!!)  Winter is starting to book up so start planning.  We hope to see you in the Northwoods.


Sota 12.20.04 – 1.22.16

Dog hikes to Ham lake

Sota Hikes to Ham Lake.

With heavy heart we must report that we lost Sota early this morning. We will miss her greatly. She was a major part of our life here at the Gunflint Pines Resort. She was the camp greeter and often could be found opening the door to run out and greet the next guest as they arrived.

She often guided guests on hikes to Lonely lake or High cliffs. Many a guest would start off hiking only to find her flushing the path in front of them and waiting at the intersections to be sure they were on the right path. But many a guest would also come back without her, distraught only to have us ask how long they were hiking. We knew that if they had taken a short hike – she found others to hike with before coming home. She was an excellent bird dog, squirrel or chipmunk chaser and mouser. She was smarter than and had more grace than many humans (I swear!) and was nothing but loving to everyone.

Dog watches Deer

Sota stalks Deer

Sota was 11 years old and had a good life. She was loved and adored by many children who returned each year only to ask where she was so they could pet her belly.

Sadly we feel we must also tell you that she was killed by Wolves. At 3am this morning, she had to go to the bathroom. Within minutes we heard them, quickly dressed and scared them off. It was too late. This happened within 30 ft of the building. It is a testament to the severity of the Wolf situation. We understand that this was always a possibility, and that the wolves are just trying to survive. We also know there are those out there who will criticize us for even mentioning the wolf situation, but those who do not live here, have no idea how large the population is.

Dog sleeping on couch

Sota in her favorite spot in the lodge.

We used to have a deer herd of roughly 100 on the south shore of Gunflint. This year I have seen fewer than 4. Please understand that we also love the wolves and appreciate there need for balance in nature, but our position has and always will remain this: if you are going to manage the Moose, deer, small game etc populations – you must also manage the wolf population. There is no longer a balance in our area. The wolves are beginning to becoming desperate. How long before they begin starving and become aggressive.

Rest in peace Sota – many will miss you!