Happy Holidays!

Yes we are having very Happy Holiday indeed! We have 12- 18 inches of snow in the woods. The ski trail system is 90% open with a 3-7 inch base and tracks are set!

The lake ice is another story. Gunflint began freeze up prior to Thanksgiving, and we thought we were all set for an early ice over. What we didn’t realize right away was that while the east and west sides froze, there was a large section in the center that remained open. With the warmer temps it would freeze over, then break open until it finally froze over for good around the 26th (yes of December).

We’ve been seeing Moose on the Gunflint trail fairly regularly – which is a welcome sight. There have also been sightings of wolves on a regular basis, with a whole pack sighted sauntering down the middle of the lake just a couple days ago. The Deer population is down, but we have been seeing and hearing Coyotes more often and Canadian lynx occasionally.

To our guests, neighbors, friends and relatives – We are often humbled by your support, kindness and generosity. We can’t thank you enough!! Just know that we do our best to pay it forward whenever we can. Thank you all for a wonderful 2014. We are looking forward to 2015, seeing you all again, and meeting may more new people (and your pets too!)

Bob & Shari