Spend a summer at the Gunflint Pines!

We may be a small family run resort but we do need help during the summer months. Working at a resort can be the most challenging and most memorable time of your life.

The days can be long and hard, but having access to hiking, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, boating and fishing at your fingertips is priceless to individuals who love the outdoors.

We usually look for 2 people to work 3 months one starting in mid May to mid August at a minimum the other late June to end Sept. We have also at times hired a “camp host” couple who would reside in their own camper on one of our campsites in exchange for a few responsibilities.

While each employee will be asked to help in all areas of the resort, the majority of the work traditionally falls into two categories:

Housekeeper/Store Clerk – This person would be responsible for cabin cleanliness but would be helped as needed. Weekdays we might have 0-2 cabins to clean, weekends can have from 3-6 (it’s a rare occasion that all 8 would turn at once.) Cleanliness of the lodge and store along with stocking & pricing store inventory would also be their responsibility. Some Cashier and phone/reservation possibilities (based on ability). This position requires the ability to lift and carry at least 50 lbs., and have a good back and knees for cabin cleaning.

Dock/grounds – This person would be responsible for cleanliness & readiness of the waterfront & rental equipment (boats, motors, canoes). Cleaning of the camping cabins and bathhouse. Daily trash removal, grounds keeping, wood splitting and packaging, light maintenance (based on abilities). This position requires the ability to lift and carry at least 100 lbs. and have a good back and knees to move boats, carry motors and lift canoes.  They would still help with cabins on busy days.

We pay a monthly wage and a bonus if you complete your agreed upon time commitment. You must have a valid drivers license with good driving record. We work daily from 7:30am to 7:00pm taking time off as the day will allow. We make every effort to give you two days off per week. Days off will not be Friday, Saturday or Sunday!!!  You will also host at least one evening guest activity (campfire with S’mores etc.)

We will uphold a strict no tolerance when it comes to drugs and may require random drug testing.  We do not allow smoking in any buildings including staff housing.  Since you are living and working on property you will become like part of our family and thus your appearance and actions will reflect upon the Pines. Staff housing is 100% dependent on working here.  If you loose your job, you loose your housing too.

Now hiring for the summer of 2017. Call 218-388-4454 or e-mail info@gunflintpines.com

Things to consider!!

  • There’s NO cell phone reception.  (Nearest is 43 miles away).
  • There’s NO TV reception, even with an antenna.
  • There’s limited internet – you will not be able to stream constantly.
  • There’s only 1 reliable radio station WTIP 90.7fm
  • We run on a minimal staff, and do not have local resources to draw upon so we cannot accommodate additional time off in the summer for weddings, concerts, family vacations, reunions etc.
  • Days off will not be Friday, Saturday or Sunday! Please do not apply if you cannot work these days.
  • Do not accept a position with us if you don’t or can’t complete the time you agree upon with us.
  • We look for someone who is willing to work hard and do what it takes to get the job done.  Sometimes that means a little extra one day, and a little easier the next.
  • Its a team effort to run a small resort like this, you need to be willing to help each other.
  • You have to be willing to can’t get your hands a little dirty now and then.  We will not ask you to do something that we have never done, would not do or cannot do..
  • Employees must be flexible.  Daily schedules change with guests needs.
  • Apply  if you love the outdoors, love helping people,  love hot days and cold nights, have a sense of adventure, and take pride in doing a job well and making a difference.


Please print and read the following Employment information

Please print and complete following Employment application