Gunflint Pines Camping Cabins

The best of both worlds!

Now you can enjoy a camping experience without sleeping on the ground or letting the weather ruin your stay.  Camping cabins offer a dry place to sleep and area to prepare food for outdoor cooking.  Whether you’re a family with young children, a group of fishermen, or just guests who want to sit by a campfire at night, camping cabins offer an affordable option.

Our camping cabins each have their own campsite with private fire ring, 8 ft covered deck and picnic table.  They have electric in the cabin and a campsite water faucet at or near the site.  There is a small kitchen counter and cupboard area for storing and preparing food for you to cook outside.  Each camping cabin has 2 bunk sets, with a double bed lower bunk and twin upper bunk.  You will need to bring sleeping bags or bedding.



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