Fall at Gunflint Pines Resort

Fall is a great time to experience the outdoors!

The forest is still losing it’s summer foliage. Days can be sunny and warm while evenings brisk enough to warrant breaking in some of your favorite sweaters before winter begins.  It’s a great time for canoeing, hiking and exploring. The days are usually sunny but still cool enough to keep you from working up a sweat and there are no bugs!

With the unveiling of the forest the wildlife is easier to spot. The Superior National Forest surrounds us and offers great Ruffed and Spruce Grouse hunting. Sharpshooters may wish to polish their skills with early morning or mid-day Woodcock hunts. Perhaps you’ll catch a glimpse of a Whitetail Buck or Doe, or walk by a pond with a busy Beaver.

October boasts mating season for Moose! If you take the time to listen you just may hear the rattling of antlers, the soft grunts of the cow moose in heat or the deep bellow of a bull moose searching out a mate.