Spring on the Gunflint Trail

Spring is a special time of year. A time of freshness and new beginnings.  The woods are coming to life, the days are getting longer, the deer are
returning to the woods.  The birds are in migration, the spring flora is beginning to bloom. Canoeing &  kayaking & can offer breathtaking
serenity, hiking allows us to see what is hidden deep in the woods during the summer and most importantly the return of the fishing season

fishreport7Spring Fishing

Fishing comes to life in the spring with the Walleye and Small Mouth bass both spawning. Gunflint Lake borders Minnesota and Canada and is a large  deep glacial lake. Our water is crystal clear with a clarity currently around 12 ft that has ranged from 8 to 18 ft over the past 40 years.

Fishing opener finds our crystal clear lake colder than most of the mid or southern lakes.  The Northern are active in this cold water, and the Lake trout  are usually fairly shallow and average 3-4 lbs. Walleye fishing this time of year can be a little more challenging. They are usually more active at night and it is not  impossible to catch a trophy over 10lbs.

Gunflint Lake has no motor restrictions but a Canadian Border crossing permit is required to access the Canadian side.  Guided fishing trips are available with local area guides, and guests are welcome to bring their own boats or rent one of ours.  (see more information on the marina page)


Spring is a great time for hiking.  The woods are just coming to life. Mornings can be cool and misty afternoons can be quite warm and sunny.  The paths can be muddy or still have patches of icy snow protected from the sun in the shadows at the base of an evergreen. Hiking this time of year can be breathtaking in more ways than one.  The scenery is much different than in the summer as what the summer growth hides is now exposed. Delicate spring foliage such as the Marsh Marigold, Rose Twisted Stalk and the flowers for the Common Strawberry are just leading the way for the summer blooms. The mushroom populations are also coming to life.

With the days nearing the longest of the year you can take a short hike on one of the trails leaving from our property and enjoy other activities the remainder of the day. Or you can pack a picnic lunch and spend the day exploring the back country on one of the nearby Superior National Forest trails. Whatever your hiking ability, we have a trail to suit your needs.

loonSpring Birding

One of the greatest spring activities is that of bird migration.  With the winter birds leaving to fly to their northern summer homes, the summer birds are returning to our area. Early morning bird watchers will hear a variety of songs and calls and should spot a few new varieties to add to your personal bird list. By early June we should hear the long awaited call of the returning loon.


boys_canoeingCanoeing & Kayaking

There’s nothing like a calm quiet morning to canoe or kayak along the shoreline. Watching the mist rising off the lake, hearing the slap of a beaver tail, spotting an otter at play or rounding a corner to see a mother cow and calf moose dining on the tender roots of the shoreline weeds.  Lily pads. Take a day trip up the granite river system or into the surrounding BWCAW.  Do a little spring fishing by canoe, but don’t  forget to wear your life preserver as our water temps can still be relatively cold.

Early spring camping can be rewarding, especially if you get here before the bugs do. Days are long and the evenings are late.  The star studded sky may give way to the Northern lights for a brilliant display. The birds will wake you early, and the loons may sing you to sleep. Whether it’s in one of our campsites or if you’re renting a cabin and wish to take an overnight trip we can help you arrange a great adventure.